[pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887] error solved

The Microsoft error dc office [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887] occurs when sending an email. A disagreement with the SMTP server or improper software installations is the most prevalent source of this problem. To begin, double-check that the parameters you entered are right by using the secure connection.

The majority of the time, this error appears on the screen as a result of poor layout management. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you have this problem. You can find a solution. You can. The following approaches can help you to relax and resolve the problem faster.

All you have to do now is scroll down and follow each step carefully. You will benefit from doing these measures.

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How to solve error dc office [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887]?

While this problem can be resolved in a number of ways, we will focus on the best and most fundamental method.

These techniques are important for those with dc office errors [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887]. You are no longer required to wait in any other manner.

Solution 1: Repair your program

There’s a chance the software is corrupted, or that one or more features aren’t working properly. This malfunction is creating the error dc office [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887], which causes you to be unable to complete your tasks. Repairing the software is the most effective technique to tackle this problem. Follow the next steps to make the necessary adjustments if you wish to improve yourself.

  • Before you begin repairing this error, make a backup of your email.
  • The first step in making appropriate changes is to open the control panel.
  • Next, click on the Programs and Features tab.
  • Find any application where you’ve run into this problem here.
  • To edit the program and feature, press the tab.
  • A new window will appear after that.
  • Go to the Repair tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

Finally, after you’ve completed the repair and restarted your computer, your preferred program will open to verify that the problem has been resolved. If the above approach for fixing issue dc office [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887] does not work, move on to the next alternative.

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Solution 2: Try to change the port number of the server

If the preceding techniques don’t work and your settings are right, try changing the port number to fix the problem. The port number is an important part of the software’s functionality. You can verify the port number and replace it if the programs are not working properly.

To complete this work, carefully follow the steps below to correct the problem.

  • The first step is to open an outlook file.
  • Next, choose the file in which you discovered a mistake.
  • Then, navigate to the settings for the account option.
  • Now you must select an email account from the account options window.
  • If you keep going, a window for your email account will appear in front of you.
  • Click “other settings” to get to the “internet email settings.”
  • Select the “advance tab” option.
  • Change the SMPT (port number) from 465 to 587 here.
  • Finally, save your modifications.

After you’ve saved your modifications, go back to the software and see whether any issues have disappeared. If it works, great; if it doesn’t, find another alternative.

Solution 3: Check your windows antivirus software

You should turn off your antivirus software for a while to make sure the issue that is causing this message is resolved.

Follow the procedures below to do this check.

  • To begin, go to the beginning.
  • After that, navigate to the settings option.
  • Select the option for updates and security.
  • Select the window security option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Virus and Threat Protection tab here.
  • Go to the Manage Settings page.
  • It’s critical that you follow these procedures in accordance with your Windows software.
  • If the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

Solution 4: reinstallation of application that faces error

If the above options do not work for you, you must proceed to the following stage in order to make modifications. Hopefully, this step will be really beneficial to you. The ideal way to do so is to repair your software without any mistakes [pii_email_ab64c45b993142a887]. It is recommended to fix your application. The current program causing the problem dc office must be disinstalled [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887]. After you have uninstalled, reinstall your application from the start. For this assignment, carefully follow the guidelines below to make your job simple and stress-free.

  • Go to the control panel first.
  • Select “Programs and Features” from the drop-down menu.
  • Get a list of all Microsoft programs.
  • To make modifications, click on the Microsoft application.
  • Now choose an uninstall option from the list.
  • After that, open the uninstall Microsoft application window.
  • Then, on the screen, follow the instructions.
  • The procedure takes time to finish.
  • After you’ve finished uninstalling Microsoft Office, you’ll need to reinstall it.

Open the program to see if the mistake has disappeared. If the fault persists, the following option will provide advanced support for your PC.

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Solution: 5 Removal of duplicate account

You’ve tried everything, but you’re still having problems and are frustrated. Don’t worry, there’s a new step that will work for you as well.

Due to many accounts, there is a chance that the problem will persist. Delete all of your accounts if you have more than one. It could be the most suitable alternative for you. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • To begin, open the outlook menu.
  • From the menu, go to the account settings.
  • Then, for access, select the mailing choice.
  • Now check and double-check the duplicate account in the list.
  • Finally, delete or uninstall the duplicate account.

After removing the duplicate account, now get looks again on your program. If it works well, then good otherwise go to the next step.

Solution 6: Check the settings of server requirements

Now that you’ve completed all of the suggestions, it’s time to move on to the next phase. The goal of this step is to let you check the server requirement settings. When you’re checking the settings, keep in mind or keep a close eye on the next level.

  • To begin, open Outlook from the application.
  • Then, in the next step, access the Account Settings tab.
  • Now, from the menu tools, select the email tab.
  • Next, select an email account from the list displayed in front of you.
  • After selecting an email account from a list of options, proceed to the next step.
  • Go to your internet email settings now.
  • From the Tools menu, select the outgoing server window option.
  • Check the box next to “My outgoing server SMTP” which requires authentication.
  • Then click the ok tab to save the settings.

Now, review your program to check the error removal. It will work for you and solve your problem to run your program properly.


The best approaches to solve error dc office [pii_email_ab64c45b99283142a887] are discussed in this article. You might also receive [pii email 799917d0a8af2718c581]. This can appear in any Microsoft product and cause issues with the program’s functionality. Hopefully, by reading this post, you will be able to find a solution to your problem. By following the procedures in the correct order, these methods perform really well.

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