Is VPS Hosting a Good Option for Gaming?

There are few things more fun than having a long gaming session with your friends. Especially with safety restrictions still in place due to the ongoing global pandemic, gaming is a great way to stay connected and play with other people, even if you can’t be together in person. However, it can be difficult to know what to play, how to play, and what the best services are for keeping you and the people you care about connected.

Some of the most popular games, like Minecraft and World of Warcraft, can be run on private servers, which can allow you and your friends to create your own community based around a game you love to play. If you’re considering a VPS for anything you play, keep reading to learn more about whether hosting via VPS is a good option for gaming.

What is virtual private server hosting?

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a type of website hosting environment, where you receive access to a dedicated server from the hosting service. Often, there are many virtual servers running on one machine, but for the user, the experience is akin to having your own private server. It allows for RAM, CPU, and other digital resources to be dedicated to your account.

In most cases, your VPS isn’t its own individual physical server, but rather one of many virtual servers operating on the same physical machine. From the perspective and experience of the end-user, this is materially the same as having your own private server on its own physical machine. Operating a VPS this way would also likely be more expensive than many of the plans for hosting via VPS that you can find online.

Is hosting via VPS good for gaming?

VPS Hosting

Many people use VPS solutions to create a gaming server for themselves and their friends. Multiplayer games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft are often best played with a small group of people you know, and the easiest way to connect with your friends and play together is to create a gaming server. If you’re new to virtual private servers, you should look for a hosting service with good technical support and customer support to help you through the process for the first time. Other elements to prioritize are reliable uptime, quality server resources, adequate bandwidth, and compatibility with your operating system.

Many people open private League of Legends servers specifically to reimagine the experience, train more effectively with high-level players, or just to create an environment where they can play outside of the large, public servers. Whether you want to be the new champ League of Legends or just mess around with your friends, a VPS can help keep you connected to the people you enjoy playing with.

For those unfamiliar, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena style game that has thriving casual and competitive communities published by Riot Games. In League of Legends, players choose a character known as a champion to play on a five-player team. There is a selection of free champions that players can use for free each week, but new champs must be unlocked with in-game currency to use permanently. New champions are often introduced, so players can try playing different champs until they find the right option to suit their playstyle.

Gaming is a great way to stay connected with your friends, especially at a time when face-to-face interactions can be dangerous. Especially for younger children who still aren’t eligible to be vaccinated, gaming with friends on a private server can provide a way to “hang out” virtually without putting anyone at risk. A private server is a great way to play with the people you want to play within an environment that you can direct, which can be both more fun and provide you with a playing experience more centered around the things you enjoy. Renting or purchasing your own private server is even more affordable than you might realize. A VPS can provide you with the ability to play your favorite games with your favorite people on a private server that you control. It’s hard to design a better gaming experience than that.

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