Discord Notifications not working on Windows 10

Why Discord Notifications not working on Windows 10?

Discord, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, is a popular chat platform. The only difference is that Discord is specially created for players. Discord allows gamers to communicate with other players and build unique channels, such as groups. With over 50 million monthly active users, Discord is a top-rated chat network. Many Discord users have recently complained about not receiving any alerts. Why are Discord Notifications not working on Windows 10?

Discord notifications are sometimes handy since they keep you up to date with the latest Discord news.

So we chose to provide these functional solutions so that the Discord notification that does not work on Windows PC might be fixed.

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Fix Issue Discord Notifications not working on Windows 10?

All techniques for resolving Discord notice on Windows devices are presented here.

Technique 1: Enable Desktop Notifications for Discord

Make sure to start by switching on the standard Discord notifications.

  1. Launch the Discord app, then go to User Settings > App Settings > Notifications.
  2. The Discord program enables the desktop notifications option.

Technique 2: Select the Right Voice Output

  1. Launch the Discord app > Go to User Preferences > To select an output device, go to Voice & Video > select it from the drop-down menu under Output Device.
  2. Select Setting for Check to see if you can hear the notification sound. If you don’t hear anything, switch to the appropriate speech output, which could be an external speaker or a headphone.

Technique 3: Turn Off Streamer Mode

If the problem persists, disable the Streamer mode feature in Discord.

  1. After you launch Discord, go to the User Settings icon.
  2. Streamer Mode can be found in the App Settings section.
  3. This option – Enable Streamer Mode – is visible. Toggle this setting off to turn off Streamer Mode.

Technique 4: Edit Discord Server Notification Settings

  1. Open Discord, right-click the Server icon, select Notifications Settings
  2. Select All Messages from the drop-down menu, then click Done.
  3. Change the notification settings on all additional servers using the same steps.

Technique 5: Update Discord App

If you’re still using an older version of Discord, you should upgrade. You may experience troubles with Discord alerts if you are using an older version. You can use this tutorial to solve any Discord-related problems.

Technique 6: Update Your Windows 10 OS

Check to see if you’re running the most recent version of Windows 10.

With Win + I, go to Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates.

All pending Windows 10 updates should be installed.


I think you understand all of my points. And We’re hoping that the Discord notifications issue is now resolved. If you still have any doubts, please leave the command in the box below.

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