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How to get email addresses from fans and followers in social media

6 highly effective techniques to get the email addresses of fans and followers who follow the company on social media accounts and pages

How do get the email addresses of fans and followers on social media? It is a problem common to many online marketers, which severely limits the communication opportunities between the company and its audience. Social networks are an extraordinary pool of contacts and relationships, but to communicate with current and potential customers who are on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and all social media it is important to be able to use even more direct and personal channels, such as ‘e-mail.

Having the email channel available also means being able to strengthen the dialogue between the company and the people who follow it on the various social networks. Through emails you can create a communication that reaches the user both while surfing the web and social media, and when managing messages addressed directly to him. In fact, emails make it possible to send much more personalized and individual messages, with the effect of producing a higher level of engagement and greater loyalty. Precisely for this reason, over time the well-studied sending of emails leads to an appreciable increase in sales.

There are very effective methods to implement forms of lead nurturing within social networks. In practice, the fans who interact with the company’s posts still provide their contact details and can be contacted directly using the tools made available by each social network.

However, if you manage to bring the communication also on the email channel, the effectiveness increases considerably, because the type of communication allowed by emails is different from that possible in social networks. Used correctly, emails can be more detailed, more specific and can be directly correlated with the actions a user does on a site. In fact, by using email marketing automation systems it is also possible to track the activities carried out by users on the company website (or on other web channels controlled by the company) and program the sending of relevant emails automatically.

What techniques to use to induce users of the various social networks that follow your company to leave you their email? Here are 6 ways to build a mailing list from your social media fans and followers.

Facebook pages allow you to insert buttons that induce people to perform certain actions

One of these is the subscription to the newsletter. Users by clicking on the button will subscribe to the newsletter by delivering their email to the company.

The success of this technique is quite low because users are less and less reactive and little interested in what happens on Facebook pages. But since it is a fairly simple setting and, once done, it always remains active, it is a method that should definitely be implemented.

Take advantage of the Instagram profile URL to ask for the email

As is known, Instagram does not allow you to insert URLs in posts, unless they are sponsored posts. The most important URL of an Instagram account is, therefore, that of the profile, also called “link in bio”. Usually, one of the company’s institutional pages is inserted. But if you want to make a good email acquisition it is better to insert the link to a page where you can subscribe to the newsletter.

This technique works best when coupled with ad hoc posting. From time to time you can post funny and engaging messages that excite the curiosity of users. Proposing them to follow the company more directly by signing up for the newsletter and explaining what interesting content they will receive is a great way to get a lot of emails from Instagram.

Make the most of Instagram Stories

Currently, Instagram Stories are one of the most popular social channels for users. Using them to generate leads in the form of emails is also highly recommended. The technique is simple: you create a story that deals with exclusive themes, but which are developed entirely only in downloadable content – for example, a video, a white paper or a gallery with restricted access. The story serves as a teaser to entice you to download the full content in exchange for the email.

The effectiveness of this technique is maximum if you anticipate to users that among the emails they will receive there may be discounts, special offers, exclusive insights on products and the company, etc.

Take advantage of direct messages

Engaging fans in direct dialogue is always a good way to lower barriers and suspicions. A person with whom you have a pleasant conversation is always more willing to maintain contact. Whenever any user comes into contact with you through direct messages (for example the Facebook Messenger) do not hesitate, at the end of the conversation, to ask to subscribe to the newsletter. Immediately provide a link to a page where they can leave their email.

This technique becomes even more effective if you warn the user that the first email will receive, for example, a discount or some specific advantage, for example, the company catalog or some exclusive information on products or their use.

Create live events

Live events attract users like honey flies. Obviously, they don’t have to be the life of poor quality, so you need to learn how to stream high-level video with valuable content. All users participating in the event can be offered to download in-depth content or a summary of what was said during the live session in exchange for the email.

The proposal to leave the email in exchange for the particular content that you will offer can also be made in the post that presents the stream and invites you to follow it. In this way, it is also possible that some users who do not have much time are willing to download it by granting their email even without following the live event.

Make the most of advertising campaigns

Investing a small budget from time to time in lead generation is always recommended. By creating and sponsoring well-constructed posts that entice users with valuable lead magnets, you can get tons of emails from social media users, even those who are not yet in direct contact with the company – and therefore are not. neither fans nor followers.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn make it possible to facilitate this process through campaigns that have lead generation as their goal. On other social networks, it is possible to launch effective campaigns of this kind by sending users to an external landing page where they can collect their email addresses.

Creating lead generation actions is essential for companies that want to develop a solid and ongoing relationship with their current and potential customers. Getting social media users’ emails is a way to maximize the benefits of corporate social media marketing and carry out an extremely powerful and profitable multi-channel strategy.

If you want to plan and implement valid email marketing and email collection actions, we are at your disposal with our skills and experience. Contact us now and we will offer you a free analysis to define how to start a truly effective and profitable email marketing plan.


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