SAP Sales Cloud

Reach your Target Customers Effectively using SAP Sales Cloud

In the world of business or entrepreneurship, having an excellent product or service is not enough unless you are selling your product. Every business process gets automated and intelligent due to its integration with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced data analytics. SAP Sales Cloud is the comprehensive solution for an effective sales process. It is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud platform, and it helps the company’s sales team with the entire process of lead generation to the final purchase.

SAP Sales Cloud uses Artificial Intelligence to get a complete understanding of the target customer through the various types of data it collects over time. SAP Sales Cloud also informs the sales team about the current trends in the market and also helps in tweaking different attributes to attract more customers.

With the latest acquisition of the CallidusCloud, the SAP Sales Cloud has become even more transparent with topics like bonuses, commissions, or other dispute settlements within the company. Proper visualization of the company’s sales record helps one get a deep insight into their sales performance and create schemes accordingly. SAP implementation company also provides an integrated solution for new employee onboarding to sell products and services successfully.

Features that differ SAP Sales Cloud from others:

SAP implementation companies can use several features, which helps them streamline and simplify the selling process. SAP Sales Cloud helps the sales team with cloud deployment, offline and online mobile experience integration, and provides intelligent recommendations and analytical insights. A few other notable features are,

  • Connection with every customer: Helps in knowing every customer personally and tracking their actions to provide them with better recommendations that help gain their trust and ensure a long-lasting relationship.
  • Increases winning rates: AI-based recommendations help improve the effectiveness of the sales process by intelligently automating the customer interest capturing process. Intelligent systems help identify the best deals and assign the best sales team on that for better conversion.
  • Helps to sell products quickly: SAP Sales Cloud helps the sales team develop strategies and manage activities and opportunities. These help in making sales through both online and offline platforms.

Actions that one can perform while using SAP Sales Cloud:

  • Completely automate the sales process: This helps increase the company’s revenue by producing leads and opportunities through its advanced forecasting system. Well-developed UI and the availability of powerful tools like collaboration tools and real-time customer analytics help improve sales productivity. Automatic customer interaction is done by synchronizing with services like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Due to the offline working ability of SAP Sales Cloud, they can provide quotes, orders, and contracts anytime. The finalized product pricing and information can be accessed through the SAP HANA platform in real-time.
  • Intelligent embedded sales: Artificial intelligence helps the sales team focus on prioritized leads and opportunities with a high conversion rate for being a potential customer. Reduce the time taken to finalize the deals with state-of-the-art AI guidance. The analytics and forecast help in dealing with and converting the volatile opportunities as well.
  • Mobile sales execution: Ensure a better sales rate by using the connected mobile selling abilities for integrating both the offline and the online platforms. Increase the quality of retail execution and field productivity with proper optimization and by creating personalized activity plans.
  • Sales cloud can be accessed from multiple platforms: With high-quality apps, the services can be used even from tablets and mobile phones. The UI has been designed so that there is a seamless transition between all the devices. And due to the availability of offline features, the app can interact with its customers even when an active network connection is not available.
  • Conduct predictive analysis: Apart from Machine Learning algorithms, SAP Sales cloud also comes with a power analytics suite that helps in providing valuable insights and critical predictions that a human can easily overlook.
  • Perform Social Collaborations: Social collaborations are a powerful tool that current businesses use to quicken the deal-making process and improve customer engagement. The in-built feature like feeds help by providing news and updates to the sales representatives about the leads and opportunities.
  • Monitor the sales performance: SAP Sales Cloud provides margin guidance, product grouping, and proposing generations. These features help monitor the sales performance and let the representatives know about their commissions with each transaction.
  • Leads and opportunity management: The primary motive for a business using SAP Sales Cloud is to increase leads and generate sales. The better the customer engagement, the better is the lead conversion. The system identifies the best leads and gives those to the best sales representatives. Along with this, a lot of sales practice techniques can be experienced to determine the best one. The activity advisor from SAP Sales Cloud can also advise the sales representative with the shortest path to acquiring new deals and opportunities based on historical data.

Market competition:

The only good software company that can compete with SAP Sales Cloud is Salesforce, a pure sales-focused platform with a few features better than SAP and lacking in a few that SAP platform provides. Salesforce is more preferable for small-sized companies, whereas SAP Sales Cloud is for more prominent companies and has a large amount of data to deal with. SAP Sales Cloud is available only on the SaaS platform, but Salesforce is available on various other platforms, including SaaS.


SAP Sales Cloud is a comprehensive solution for the need of every sale. Powered by artificial intelligence, it can provide deep insights and helps in making critical decisions regarding lead and opportunity generation. Its availability in both online and offline mode and the fact that it can be accessed from any device make it a handy feature allowing a lot of flexibility. It helps guide and connect with customers throughout the sales journey, helping the sales team indulge themselves in the best opportunities.