PCBA Number: How to Know the Number of a Mobile and What it is For

Mobile phones have so many serial numbers that, even if we don’t see them or know what they mean, they are almost always unique or closely related to a model. These numbers have become increasingly valuable in recent years, serving as a maintenance tool, a device recognition tool, and a variety of other functions. One of the most essential of these is the PCBA number.

You won’t be able to tell unless you disassemble your phone and examine it under a magnifying glass if you’ve never heard of this number before. However, before we begin to unlock it, we should point out that while some manufacturers offer us the ability to locate this number, others hide it because the user will not require it on a regular basis.

Your mobile base has a unique PCBA number

The motherboard is the main component in the manufacture of mobile phones, and it is this component where all of the circuits that make up the phone are assembled, and this is where the PCBA appears, which is an acronym for (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), the plate where all of the components are mounted. This number can be used for a variety of purposes, but unlike others, it is unique, and there are no two identical numbers in the world.


This would be a highly safe way to locate our phone if we misplaced it, yet obtaining the number would be difficult. That is why manufacturers prefer the IMEI number, which is more accessible and easier to locate, albeit you risk the IMEI number is changed even if it is not allowed. The PCBA is made up of PCBs, which are made up of resistors, diodes, and capacitors that power cellphones.

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How to know the PCBA number of a mobile

Although some manufacturers are implementing number checking into their mobiles, as we discussed earlier, this number is not easily available on mobiles. This means that, for example, in OnePlus phones and OPPO phones, we can quickly determine the PCBA number of a smartphone. We simply need to enter some codes in the phone program, just as we would with the IMEI number.


We’ll launch the official call app and dial * # 888 # to find out. On the screen that communicates this information, the corresponding number and a QR code will show instantly. Despite the fact that we have no notion, we only advocate it for use in respectable places like the manufacturer’s website or to enjoy its own benefits. Misuse can become a major issue.

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