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The Best baby Cartoons on Netflix and HBO

Investing a lot of time in front of the television Being a newborn is far from ideal, but there will come a day when we will have to rely on songs or baby cartoons videos for the house’s small children. If this is the case, it is preferable to have content that is appropriate and customised for them. If you’re looking for the best, we recommend some of the best babies shows on Netflix, HBO, Planet Dish, and other platforms, where they can discover new things, enjoy music, and increase their vocabulary.

Many children’s shows on Netflix, such as Hilda or Beat Bugs, have not only appealed to children but also to adults. But if you’re not sure what’s appropriate for a one- or two-year-old baby who has to learn how to follow a rhythm or a thread, we’ve reviewed some of the greatest educational series for preschoolers. The key characteristics of these series are that there are few conversations (or that they are easy to follow) and that they are very colourful and appealing. In addition, almost all have tunes or catchy music that enhances the viewing experience.

Adult supervision is required before watching any infant or baby series, and Netflix Parental Control or HBO Parental Control must be used to avoid mistakenly showing inappropriate content for youngsters.

Little Baby Bum Educational Songs

baby Cartoons

Babies are unable to grasp the plot of many complicated cartoons, and it is the graphics or music that matter more than the tale. Little Baby Boom Educational Songs is one of the best babies shows available on Netflix.

They are only four half-hour episodes with thematic and repetitious chapters that are excellent for toddlers aged one to two who are learning about their surroundings, such as colours, animals, and cars. The melodies are simple to remember, repetitive, and catchy, and the accompanying graphics are simple to understand, making it simple for any baby to internalise the many themes.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2015
  • Chapters: One season, four episodes
  • Duration: 27 minutes per chapter.
  • Thematic: Basic vocabulary
  • Recommended age: For all audiences

Little Baby Bum – Children’s Songs

baby Cartoons

Small Baby Bum provides us with several hours of music and songs for the little ones, as well as preschoolers learning basic concepts such as colours, numbers, shapes, and animals. Little Baby Bum is without a doubt one of the best series for babies available on Netflix, with no plot or storey to follow but instead a focus on catchy songs to improve vocabulary or entertain the little ones for a long time.

The Little Baby Bum episodes span 60 minutes, during which time various songs and music with various themes are played automatically, all of which are repetitive and will either become stuck in the head or will assist newborns in learning about their surroundings, dancing, or even sleeping.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2019
  • Chapters: Two seasons, six episodes
  • Duration: About one hour per chapter
  • Theme: Musicals
  • Recommended age: For all audiences

Loo Loo Kids

Loo Loo Kids, like the others, is one of the best series of cartoons for babies because it uses a structure that appeals to younger children: visual graphics and simple, catchy tunes for babies aged one to two years.

They are repeating songs in which very basic topics or language with which any youngster is becoming accustomed is presented in a very little way: numbers, colours, animals, and so on. Although it is one of the most popular options on YouTube in this genre (the video “Johnny, Johnny, yes dad?” went viral), it is also one of the greatest programmes you can watch with very young children on Netflix if you want something musical, amusing, and with striking and colourful drawings.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2016
  • Chapters: One season, five episodes
  • Duration: 19 minutes per chapter
  • Theme: Musical
  • Recommended age: For all audiences

Word party

baby Cartoons

Word Party is a great alternative if you want one of the best series for babies but don’t want it to be entirely made up of songs. Without a doubt, Jim Henson’s original Netflix series is an essential creation for babies and preschoolers because it is a very easy to follow production, adapted for children, with simple dialogues and adorable characters that will help them improve their vocabulary and learn while watching television. They come highly recommended.

Lulu, Bailey, Franny, and Kip are four baby characters in the Netflix original series Fiesta de Palabras, which has around 50 episodes. In each episode, the four baby animals play in a nursery and learn new phrases. When they don’t know what a term means, they phone the robot Paly Word, which explains new words and helps them understand the meaning.

For all of this, Word Party is one of the greatest possibilities if you’re searching for a series for one or two-year-old babies who are starting to talk and understand their surroundings. It’s also ideal for slightly older children, such as three or four years old, who want to learn new words in a variety of languages. Furthermore, each chapter is topical, allowing you to select the one that best matches your needs at any time.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2017
  • Chapters: Three seasons, 40 chapters
  • Duration: 13 minutes
  • Theme: Words
  • Recommended age: Preschool – For all audiences

Tut Tut Cory racing cars

baby Cartoons

Tut Tut Bolids, a series in which Vtech toy strollers are the characters, is one of Netflix’s most recent programmes for babies. Cory Bólidos is a baby carriage who, like any other youngster, has to go to school or go about his daily routine. Of course, Cory is a stroller who goes to the Motorssori school, where he will make new classmates and ride in larger vehicles.

Tut Tut Cory Bolids is a fascinating series about automobiles, which practically every infant adores. A series that is easy to follow, colourful, and features chapters that last less than 10 minutes. The premise, aesthetics, history, and length of the episodes make it a terrific show to watch in your spare time or with your family.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2020
  • Chapters: One season, 7 episodes
  • Duration: Between 7 and 8 minutes per chapter
  • Theme: Cars
  • Recommended age: For all audiences

Charlie’s Colorforms City

baby Cartoons

Charlie is a happy, colourful character made mostly of geometric shapes. Charlie and his friends Violet and Red employ geometric form stickers to decorate their environment and go on adventures. They will have to make pancakes, for example, if they wish to eat them. Build a race car, for example, using geometric forms. They will go to any length to have a good time or participate in various experiences.

One of the best programmes for babies and preschoolers is Netflix’s original comedy Charlie in Villape Sticker. The storey is fairly simple, the language is quite easy (too simplistic for older children), and all of the scenes include plenty of colour and music. Furthermore, even the youngest members of the family can learn geometric shapes or colours using a basic and accessible vocabulary.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2019
  • Chapters: One season, 13 chapters
  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Age: Preschool – For all audiences
  • Theme: Musical, educational

Cleo and Cuquin

baby Cartoons

If you’ve ever sung “Let’s go to bed to relax,” you’ll recognise Cleo and Cuqun. The Telern Family’s children have returned with an updated style and their own Netflix TV series, which is great for newborns and small children. Cleo and Cuqun, as well as the rest of the family (Teté, Marip, Pelusn, and Colitas), will have to either address the challenges they face on a daily basis or have fun as a family.

For newborns and preschoolers, simple stories, beautifully coloured graphics, music, songs, and funny chapters are included. Although there are dialogues in this series, they are simple to follow and, above all, the charming and adorable graphics make the series suitable for all ages.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2018
  • Chapters: One season, 52 episodes
  • Duration: About 6 or 7 minutes per chapter
  • Age: Preschool
  • Theme: Musical, educational

Vera, Songs with spark

baby Cartoons

Vera is a cute character from an original Netflix animation series in which Vera and Bartleby are the protagonists, two characters that are in charge of fulfilling the wishes and dreams of the Rainbow Kingdom’s other residents. If an issue arises, Vera will make every effort to resolve it so that everyone is satisfied.

Vera was a Netflix original that became a hit, and there are now other series with the same protagonists, a similar concept of unity, and the same cute critters and creatures. Vera’s Sparkle Songs, which are a nice colourful and melodic option to enjoy at any age, are a good choice for the little ones in the house.

Vera’s available series are among of the greatest for babies on Netflix because of the topic, the colourful, frequent music, and easy-to-follow dialogues, as well as a tale that is entirely accessible to babies or children under the age of three or four years. And, how could it be otherwise, there is no shortage of music in each chapter, with simple and catchy songs.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2016
  • Chapters: One season, eight episodes
  • Duration : 3 minutes
  • Age: For all audiences
  • Theme: Musical


baby Cartoons

Pocoyo, a recent classic, had to be included in a list of the finest series for babies. Pocoyo is a ten-year-old game that is still one of the most popular among preschoolers and babies. A Spanish series that has been dubbed into English and with which young children can begin to learn the language thanks to a simple vocabulary, characters who speak directly to the audience, and simple structures in the phrases they use in the dialogues. It is a magnificent classic with no scripts, but we will watch for simple and clear words, especially for children who do not yet know how to speak. It is simple, recommended and entertaining for them.

Pocoyo has the advantage of being a series that can be found on almost any platform. If you have Netflix, it’s one of the best baby shows, but it’s also available on Amazon Prime Video, Movistar Plus, HBO, and YouTube. There are also special episodes and chapters dedicated to Christmas, autos, carnivals, Halloween, and other topics.

  • Platform: Netflix, Movistar Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO
  • Year: 2005
  • Chapters: Four seasons, 157 episodes
  • Duration: 7 minutes per chapter
  • Theme: Basic / Preschool Vocabulary
  • Recommended age: For all audiences


baby Cartoons

The Octonauts (or Octonauts) are a group of underwater explorers tasked with safeguarding the marine world and all of its inhabitants. These characters’ philosophy and mission are to investigate, rescue, and protect everything in the sea. And that’s exactly what they do in the nearly 40 episodes that are currently available on Netflix. They save sea creatures and go on adventures in a series that aims to promote awareness about respect for the marine world and to teach children about the importance of being respectful of the environment and all of the species that live around us. It’s perfect for kids.

This title is one of the best on Netflix in this category; it got an award for best preschool series and is without a doubt one of the most highly recommended options if you want something more comprehensive and complicated than simple children’s songs. We will include history and debate in this series, but it will be easy to comprehend for children and babies, as well as amusing for adults who will be watching it with them.

  • Platform : Netflix / HBO
  • Year: 2013
  • Chapters: Two seasons, 39 episodes
  • Duration: 23 minutes
  • Age: For all audiences
  • Theme: Adventures

In Youtube

Aside from Netflix, YouTube is the ideal place to look for the best baby shows or music videos that will make you notice the noises and colours. Some channels allow you to upload videos with a set period, such as 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or an hour, in which thematic songs or dances play.

You can also select specific themes or only the songs that your child enjoys. The disadvantage of YouTube over Netflix is that unless you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you will not be able to download videos to watch them offline.

All of these YouTube channels allow us to watch cartoons for babies, as well as music and songs for children, wherever we are, and with bright, kid-friendly material.

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