Torrent9: available under a new address in 2021

Torrent9, a direct download service, updated its URL multiple times throughout 2018. Torrent9, like all the other direct download sites offering content protected by copyright, such as Download Zone, Nextorrent, Cpasbien, YggTorrent, or T411, does not escape the authorities’ nets, which, under Hadopi law, track down these illegal sites and shut them down one by one. Torrent9 has had a number of issues this year.

In the face of these widespread closures of illegal download platforms, the administrators of the Torrent9 website have devised a mechanism that allows them to effectively evade government control. As a result, Torrent9 began to switch addresses on a regular basis, each time acquiring new domain names. Every address change is disturbed to users since they do not understand why the site goes from one location to another.

A few user comments and requests have started to surface on the internet.Torrent9 is blocked, Torrent9 no longer works (torrent9 ne fonctionne plus), torrent9 problem, torrent9 new address, torrent9 nouvelle Adresse, torrents9, and torent9 are among the most prominent Google searches for the term Torrent9.

Torrent9 is in turn victim of its success

Torrent9, like many other direct download sites, has benefited from government phone calls and subsequent closures that have afflicted larger direct download directories in recent years.

Torrent9 has significantly benefited from the closure of Cpasbien, its immediate competitor, which has allowed it to reach a record number of users in a short period of time. It also catches the attention of the authorities by achieving an increasingly high visit rate. The Torrent9 download links have stopped working overnight, and the site now states that accessing the download and following the links requires using the torrent9 VPN.

It’s a virtual private network that prevents a direct connection between two remote computers, so evading government surveillance. The VPN works by connecting to foreign servers to keep users’ computers from being discovered by authorities. You can also modify your IP address by using the VPN as an IT device, imitating many geolocations.

Torrent9, the rise of the site

Torrent9 has had significant success since the fall of 2018, reaching first place among the most popular French torrents on the internet and second place among download sites. The location was two years before its amazing increase at the bottom of the ranking. Before taking advantage of the successful closures of the main direct download directories, it was ranked 250 of the most frequented sites in France.

The number of visitors to the site of Torrent9 rose when Cpasbien was shut down. The website was updated with a link to Torrent 9 when Cpasbien was downloaded in December 2018. By shifting the entire traffic away from its competitors Torrent9 may use the closed site.

Torrent9 Nouvelle Adresse Decembre 2020

The original official version of the torrent 9 site redirected to a new extension of the Anguilla country: torrent9 ai, at the beginning of November.

However, his new address, Oxtorrent, has been publicized on social media, mainly Twitter.

So, in November and December 2020, all you have to do now to join Torrent 9:

Torrent9 Nouvelle Adresse Juin 2020

Since its spectacular ascension to the top of the most frequented download sites in France and the major French-speaking nations, torrent9 nouvelle Adresse juin 2020 has been on the authorities’ radar for several months. or, as well as the copied,.cat, and, are among the addresses that can readily be listed. is currently the address for all of these addresses. Because the links are only working because of this prejudice, using a VPN is, of course, appropriate.

Torrent 9 cz

Torrent 9 cz or torrent9 new address June 2020 are still being typed.

Naturally, the 9 cz URL torrent remains operational. It was only published in June, however.

The new torrent 9 address was given to you. So it’s time to put this one out of your mind: Torrent9 cz

Torrent9 uno

Torrent9 One isn’t working anymore. Do not thus type it and hope for the best in the search field.

One’s not living anymore in Torrent9.

Torrent9 nouvelle adresse mai 2020: Torrent nz et Torrent9 cat

New addresses were released by Torrent 9 in May of this year. However, these addresses are not valid anymore.

In May 2019, others are still looking for Google with the torrent9 sentence.

We have better informed you so that you do not make the same mistake.

Here are the new addresses from Torrent9 which were no longer operating since May 2020:

  • Torrent nz
  • Torrent9 cat

The two new torrent 9 addresses that were issued in May 2020 are listed below.

Some people might come across the following article: Torrent9 has a new URL, although it’s from May or June, and it appears to still operate.

Sites clones et Meilleures alternatives a torrent 9

Les sites clones officiels de torrent 9 en Décembre 2020

Even if your network has previously prohibited torrent 9, webmasters frequently develop clone sites and mirrors to access it.

In December 2019, fresh mirror addresses will be available:

  • Torrent9 so

What are the risks for users while using Torrent9?


When it comes to downloads of this nature, the law is clear. Using this type of torrent, as well as viewing, downloading, and exchanging copyright-protected information, is completely lawful.

Users of this type of platform may also face criminal charges if they are susceptible to control or if they attempt to download without taking safeguards such as using a VPN. To far, there have been over 72 court convictions on behalf of users in cases involving this type of crime.

Despite the fact that they are becoming the target of police calls and mass arrests, the administrators of illegal download sites know exactly how to protect themselves and avoid the authorities’ virtual surveillance. Users who fall into the hands of the police, on the other hand, lack the same expertise and resources to defend themselves in the event of a conviction.

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