Outdoor Banner Design Mistakes

Top Outdoor Banner Design Mistakes That Can Trip Up Brands

Regardless of the size of your business and the high-tech advertising methods you may be engaging in, the humble banner remains popular for many reasons. It not only allows you to announce your presence close to the point of your presence but allows you to boost your brand awareness at events like exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals, and more. However, given the competitive clutter and the environmental distractions, unless you ensure that the banner design is optimum, you will unable to get potential customers to notice it. A quick look at some of the top factors you need to keep in mind for a successful banner design:

Crowded Design

Even if you have a lot to say, a banner is not the right place to say it. Including too many images or text is a surefire way of scaring people from reading. The best banner designs make liberal use of white or empty space to highlight the main message. A detailed design may look good on your computer screen when you are designing, but the banner will invariably look messy. You can reduce the clutter by limiting the text to the essential and using large visuals instead of many small ones. The test of the design of large banners is to make your message readable and understandable in the fleeting glance a person may give when passing by.

Grammatically Incorrect Text

Just as too much text turns off people looking at your banner, content that has spelling or grammatical mistakes will detract from your credibility and hurt your brand reputation, according to Impact. Double-check to see everything is correct because it is easy to become a cause of laughter due to spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Using Poor-Quality Images

A visually appealing banner is more likely to get you the eyeballs you want, which is why you must use images that are not only interesting but also of high quality. If you use low-resolution images, they will get pixilated during the printing process. The result will look awful and damage your reputation. Nowadays, it is easy to shoot high-quality pictures on mobile phones, or you can even ask a freelance photographer to do it cheaply for you. Alternatively, you can use a stock photo as the last resort.

Not Including a CTA

Normally, you will want the people who see your banners to do something like walk into your store, call you, or visit your website, etc. However, because very few people do what you want on their own, it can be helpful to ask them. Forgetting to include a powerful CTA can cost you a lot in terms of lost opportunity because your audience may not know what to do next.


To make a banner effective, so that it can meet the marketing objectives, you need to place yourself in the shoes of the person seeing it on the go. Keeping the content crisp and to the point as well as using attractive colors and images will ensure it is noticed and understood. Keeping the design as simple as possible is very effective.