Old School RuneScape Woodcutting
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Time to pick up the axe lumberjack

Are you interested in building up your Woodcutting skill in Old School RuneScape? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about woodcutting, from the basics of the skill to more advanced techniques. If you are just starting, woodcutting is a great skill to earn currency.

What Is OSRS Woodcutting?

Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape is a type of gathering skill. This skill involves chopping down trees and mushrooms to gather OSRS items to use for your other skills. Your woodcutting skills will increase in level as you chop down trees around your level. As you level up, you will be able to cut down higher-level trees that offer more experience and better resources.

Woodcutting is a useful skill for low-levelled or F2P players to earn OSRS gold. However, woodcutting is considered one of the least profitable skills. OSRS GP can still be earned well enough, but there are better options.

Useful OSRS Items

Lumberjack Outfit: This outfit is a set that boosts the player’s experience when woodcutting. Each piece offers a different experience boost amount. The clothing set offers a total of 2.0% bonus experience. However, equipping the full set will grant an additional 0.5% bonus, for a total of 2.5%.

Strung Rabbit Foot: This item increases your chance to earn a bird’s eggs when a certain bird’s nest drops from a tree from woodcutting.

Kandarin Headgear: This item is useful if you are trying to collect plenty of logs while levelling. It gives you a chance to get extra logs while woodcutting.

Axes To Use

Axes are needed to perform woodcutting actions. You will need the required woodcutting level and attack level to wield them. However, Axes don’t have to be equipped to use, if you have one in your inventory.

The following axes below is best used at the level shown:

Level 1 Axes: Bronze Axe, Iron Axe

Level 6 Axe: Steel Axe

Level 11 Axe: Black Axe

Level 21 Axes: Mithril Axe

Level 31 Axe: Adamant Axe

Level 41 Axe: Rune Axe

Level 61 Axes:

  • Dragon Axe (Member Only): Has a 10% faster cutting speed than the Rune Axe. Special attack: Lumber Up, provides a visible +3 boost to Woodcutting, possessing the same cutting speed.
  • Infernal Axe (Member Only): This item also requires your firemaking to be at 85. Same properties as the Dragon Axe, however, it burns 1/3 of logs cut.

Level 71 Axe:

  • Crystal Axe (Member Only): This Axe provides the same bonuses as the Dragon Axe; however, it has a 5% faster cutting speed than the Dragon Axe. Also requires crystal shards to operate.

Levels 1–15: Regular trees

These trees are the most common trees and many of them can be found throughout Old School RuneScape. If you want to bank the logs that you collect, then it is best to find a bunch of trees near a bank. Traveling back and forth between banking and woodcutting wastes precious experience per hour. Be sure to use your Bronze or Iron Axe, then upgrade to the Black Axe when you can.

Alternative Method: Levels 1–26: Questing

If you decide that you want to progress through RuneScape and earn a decent chunk of experience in woodcutting, then following these quests is also an option. By the time you finish these quests, your woodcutting will be at 26. Remember to upgrade your Axes along the way.

  • Enlightened Journey
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Monk’s Friend
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper

More quests offer experience in woodcutting but stopping here and chopping trees yourself may be slightly faster in experience earned. It is up to preference.

Levels 15–35: Oak trees

You should now focus on Oak trees until level 35. You should upgrade your Black Axe to the Mithril Axe at level 21 then to the Adamant Axe at level 31. Plenty can be found near Seers’ Village bank as well as Draynor Village. Banking OSRS items and selling them later is a good way to earn money. Players are also able to buy OSRS gold using real money, either with other players or through bonds.

While Willow trees become available at level 30, it seems that oak trees still offer more experience per hour until level 35.

Levels 35-65: Teak Trees

Teak trees should be farmed until level 65 or 99 if you’re using the tick manipulation method. But let’s start with the more convenient and easier method. Ape Atoll and Prifddinas are good locations to find Teak Trees. Once your woodcutting hits level 41 upgrade to the Rune Axe. Then it is time to upgrade to either the Dragon Axe or Infernal Axe at 61.

  • Alternative Method: Levels 35-99: Tick Manipulation: In Layman’s terms, Tick manipulation allows players to use the RuneScape clock to their advantage in activities. Tick Manipulation is hard to put in writing, it is best to watch a video of it. However, if you can learn to use this method, your experience gain will be a lot faster than the next methods.

Levels 65–99: Sulliuscep

Players should now head over to Fossil Island to farm resources from these mushrooms. This is the best method to 99 if don’t know how to do tick manipulation. Once your woodcutting hits 71, upgrade to the Crystal Axe if possible.


So, there you have it, our Old School RuneScape woodcutting guide. If you were able to complete all the steps mentioned in this guide, you should find hitting level 99 in woodcutting much easier. It will still take hundreds of hours though. We hope you found this guide helpful. Did you try tick manipulation? Let us know how that went for you in the comments below.

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