How to Fix the System 53 Error
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We all know that the world has gone digital, and while the rest of the world is enjoying the benefits of this new era, many are still stuck in their old ways, using old operating system versions that no longer receive support and updates.

Well, it’s time to make a change and move on. The Windows 10 operating system is user-friendly and has plenty of features that will make your life easier.

Windows 10 offers a personalized experience to users, with plenty of opportunities for you to explore and find what you need. You can also get help from Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant that is always there for you when you need assistance with something.

But before you think Windows 10 is all perfect, hold your horses. It also encounters errors at times, and one example is the system 32 error.

Don’t get discouraged too soon. Errors on Windows 10 are pretty normal, and they can be fixed. And for System 32, we will discuss everything there is to know here.

What Causes System 32 Error on Windows 10?

Many users have reported seeing the error on their devices while doing different things. And we’ve compiled all the possible causes of this issue and listed them below:

  • Connection Problems – It is possible that two devices have not been connected properly or are experiencing network issues; hence, the problem. It can be a problem with the cable, the configuration of the devices, or the router itself.
  • Security Suites – Security software programs that are installed in the devices of two computers may be preventing the attempt to establish a connection. These programs are quite notorious for blocking connection attempts and throwing error messages to warn users.
  • Disabled Sharing – Another cause of the system 32 error is that the sharing of folders or files is disabled on a computer. This setting can be modified via Control Panel to ensure that any connection between devices is established properly.
  • Background Processes and Applications – Some applications running in the background can also prevent two devices from connecting with each other.
  • Incorrect Command – At times, the system 32 error is caused by human error. Perhaps a wrong command has been executed during file sharing. So, make sure that you are using the right command to avoid seeing the error code.

6 Ways to Fix System 32 Error on Windows 10

Now that we have an idea of what causes the error, let’s delve deep into the solutions. However, before we look into them and give them a try, make sure you have a backup file of all your important documents and settings. We want to easily recover everything in case anything goes wrong in the process of fixing the error.

Once you have a backup file ready, proceed with any of these fixes:

Fix #1: Use the Correct Command

Are you really using the correct share command? Make sure you double-check it as an incorrect command is the most common cause of this error. The right command includes the server and folder addresses.

Here’s the correct way to do this:

  1. Access the Run applet using the Windows + R shortcut.
  2. Then type cmd into the blank text field and hit Enter.
  3. Now, input this share command: net use F: “\\server\share name”
  4. Once done, check if the system 32 error still shows.

Fix #2: Run a Ping Test

If you are sure that you have typed the correct command but the error is still there, try to perform a ping test. This way, you can ensure that the network server is not having any problems. If there is a response, then we might have to try the next fix.

To run a quick ping test, do this:

  1. Launch the Run utility using the Windows + R shortcut.
  2. Next, type cmd into the text box and hit Enter.
  3. Type the ping (IP address of the server) command into the command line.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. If this command returns the packets without any loss, it means that there is no problem with your network. However, if no response is received, the problem is perhaps your connection.
  6. Lastly, troubleshoot the problem according to the ping test’s result.

Fix #3: Disable Your Security Suite Temporarily

Assuming that you have entered the correct command and that there are no problems with the server, the next solution we’re going to try is to disable your security solution.

Sometimes, Windows Defender or any third-party antivirus suite prevents connection attempts to access a folder on a network. Hence, disabling your antivirus may do the trick and resolve the problem.

Fix #4: Enable File and Folder Sharing

As mentioned above, another possible cause for the system 53 error on Windows 10 is that the file and folder sharing setting has been disabled. So, in this fix, we will change this setting to allow file sharing between devices.

Here’s how:

  1. Type the control panel into the Cortana search and click the top result.
  2. Find the Network and Internet Settings option and click it.
  3. Next, go to Network and Sharing.
  4. Click the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link.
  5. Open all the dropdown menus and enable network discovery as well as printer and file sharing. Do this for both Private and Guest networks.
  6. Hit Apply and exit the active window.
  7. See if the system 53 error persists.

Fix #5: Boot into Safe Mode

If all else fails, we have to run Windows in Safe Mode so we can figure out if an application is messing with the connection. To enter the Windows 10 Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  1. First, restart your computer and press the F8 key right away.
  2. Next, wait for the Boot Options screen to show and select Advanced Boot Options.
  3. Choose the Safe Mode with Networking option and wait for your device to startup.
  4. Establish the connection once again and see if the error exists while in this mode. If the error does not show, a background program or process is likely causing the problem.
  5. Next, disable the applications one at a time and see what makes the error disappear. You can choose to uninstall the application or simply disable it.

Fix #6: Perform a Malware Scan

Malicious entities can also cause the system 53 error to appear. Thus, we should not rule out this possibility.

To ensure your device is free of malware entities and viruses, consider running a malware scan. You have two ways to do this: manually or automatically.

If you prefer to take the automatic option, install an antivirus program first. After that, run a complete scan and apply the recommended fixes. Most of the time, you are advised to quarantine the threat or delete it once and for all.

Now, if you want to do things by yourself, you can get a little help from Windows Defender. This in-built program lets you do a virus scan and asks you what you want to do with the threat.

To run a scan using Defender, follow these steps:

  1. Type windows defender into the Cortana search field and select the top result.
  2. Next, you will be asked to scan for updates. If you like to do that, hit the Check for Updates button. Otherwise, you may proceed with performing a virus scan by clicking the Scan button.
  3. The defender will begin scanning your PC and notify you in case it finds any threats.
  4. After that, restart your PC and check if you have removed the system 53 error.

In Summary

Windows 10 is undoubtedly a popular operating system that is being used by billions of users. Then again, it is no stranger to problems as it can encounter errors along the way; an example is system 53.

But fret not because it can be easily resolved. You can begin with making sure you have typed the correct command and that there is no problem with your connection. You may then disable your antivirus suite and enable file and folder sharing between devices. If none of them works, boot Windows into Safe Mode to identify the real culprit.

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