BCAAs, Protein, and Vitamins: Best Bodybuilding Partners

BCAA, vitamins, and protein are the most required supplements in bodybuilding which is a lifestyle wherein you have to care about training and how you are living your life after training. It includes nutrition and habits. Mainly you have to go through two phases of body transformation which include bulking up and cutting.

Both phases of bodybuilding require different needs of nourishment, care, and training. For bulking you need high carbs whereas for cutting you need fewer carbs. But supplements like BCAA, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are quite common in both of them. Always go for the best supplements if you are not able to get them from natural sources due to some of the reasons.


Some people especially, gym enthusiasts, have knowledge about BCAA. But its benefits are not limited to those enthusiasts. It is as beneficial for them as common people. Actually, BCAAs are nothing but a mixture of three essential amino acids including Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine. These are called essential amino acids as they’re not produced by the body itself. Here are some benefits of it.

  • Faster muscle growth
  • Prevents muscle wasting
  • Better muscle recovery
  • Reduced fatigue induced by intense training
  • Though there are supplements like xtend bcaa are available, you want to attempt to have them from natural sources including:
  • Chicken breast, Turkey, Eggs
  • Fish like tuna, marckel, salmon, Crabs
  • Cheese, Milk, Yogurt


Taking care of the building of tissues, muscles, skin, and other vital organs is everyone’s responsibility. So include protein in your diet that is meant for common people as well. Here are some benefits of protein to health.

  • Building blocks of muscles skin, nails, hair, cartilage
  • Repair and develop the tissues.
  • Red blood cells production.
  • Better digestion and producing enzymes.
  • Muscle loss reduction
  • Lean muscles gain
  • Curbs the hunger and feel satiated.
  • Maintain the healthy weight
  • Before getting protein from supplements considers these natural sources.
  • Milk, and dairy products including yogurt, curd, cheese, and other
  • Poultry including emu, goose, turkey, chicken, and Eggs.
  • Seafood like fish, prawns, lobster, oyster, crab, salmon,
  • Plants like peas, soy, rice, pulses,


Though these two nutrients are documented for getting bigger muscles and better muscle recovery, you require some other nutrients in decent amounts if not larger quantities for bodybuilding. Vitamins are one of them. Here are some most important vitamins for bodybuilding.

  • Vitamin A: To stay in continuation in training, you need a better immunity system. Vitamin A boosts immunity but more than that it is fat-soluble vitamins that help you strengthen in bodybuilding.
  • Vitamin B: Though B vitamins are known for their wide range of roles in functioning the body, B6 and B12 are very much needed in bodybuilding as they convert foods to energy.
  • Vitamin C: It increases the metabolism of the body that increases protein synthesis as well. Along with that, it helps in faster muscle recovery and better muscle development.
  • Vitamin D: To improve bone density, you need a good amount of calcium. Vitamin D makes calcium easily absorbable that increases the strength of bones and muscles.
  • Not only fitness enthusiasts but also common folks must think about these nutrients for their wellness. But before jumping to the supplements, it is crucial to have them from natural sources.  Include them in your daily life and stay motivated and responsible for your health.